Business partners

The healthcare practice is by definition multidisciplinary. Most of the projects that we are asked to undertake cannot be done unless we collaborate closely with our clients and their other advisers. Collaboration is necessary and desirable in view of the synergy that is creates among the various disciplines, which leads to the best results for our clients.

It goes without saying that we enjoy working with our clients’ other advisers. We are the first to indicate when hiring other advisers is warranted to achieve the best result for our client. LEXSIGMA Healthcare itself has a number of preferred business partners. The collaboration with those advisers is good and efficient, because they and LEXSIGMA share the same standards in terms of the quality requirements and integrity requirements that those business partners maintain.

Our business partners are:

In addition, LEXSIGMA Healthcare supports other law firms in matters related to healthcare, by giving second opinions or offering advice on subject matter that does not belong to the core expertise of those lawyers. If appropriate, we are happy to work with another lawyer on a case. They can hire us for specialist knowledge without the need for themselves to have that knowledge in their own firm.