Mr. P.J.M. (Elly) Koning

(Partner / Lawyer)

Elly Koning has years’ experience, which have made her a genuine specialist in healthcare. Her approach is strategic, pragmatic and often legally innovative.

She works primarily as a legal consultant for (large) mental healthcare providers and institutions in the hospital industry (including independent clinics). She is involved in particular in discussions on the extent of claims in insurance packages (medicines and insured care), the (new) financing and costing structures under the Dutch Healthcare Market Regulation Act, physical checks, free choice of doctor and healthcare procurement. For the purpose of selective healthcare procurement, she has been involved in creating new forms of collaboration between healthcare insurers and healthcare providers, in particular in the mental healthcare sector. If cases do not lead to a pragmatic solution (fast enough), litigation is initiated against healthcare providers, the government (including NZa (the Dutch Healthcare Authority)) and sometimes against healthcare providers that are not clients of LEXSIGMA Healthcare.

In view of her considerable knowledge of and experience in the industry, she is a well sought-after consultant on investment and disinvestment issues in healthcare, including the sale and purchase of shares or the transfer of interests in healthcare institutions.

Additional activities (selection):

  • Board member of Stichting Sensoor.