Mr. Olav L. Andriesse

(Partner / Lawyer / Mediator)

The practice of Olav Andriesse encompasses the entire range of commercial company law, such as contract law, financing and securities, public procurement law and all other relevant topics for the strategy of an enterprise. Within that scope Olav is specializing in the construction and real estate practice. Furthermore, Olav focuses on assisting companies in the healthcare sector relating to real estate (financing), governance issues and the relationship with the banks and the healthcare insurance companies. Early in his career as a lawyer, Olav Andriesse already specialised in solving real property issues within the healthcare sector. His experience with the now obsolete Dutch construction regime, the role of the College Sanering in having healthcare institutions hive off their real property and the effects of impairment are among the issues that his practice addresses on a daily basis. In addition, he regularly conducts discussions with healthcare insurers and healthcare agencies on the procurement of healthcare on behalf of healthcare providers.

Further, Olav acts as a mediator, helping parties resolve their business disputes. Being registered with MfN (the Dutch federation of mediators), he is obliged to work in accordance with a set protocol, which can be found in the MfN mediation policies and MfN code of conduct.

In addition, Olav frequently acts as strategic advisor to management boards or supervisory boards, in part in view of his own experience as a supervisor.

Additional activities (selection)

  • participated and was involved in the healthcare debate of DeNieuweCommissaris (the platform promoting innovation and effectiveness among supervisors);
  • Member of the Dutch Association of supervisory bodies in the healthcare industry;
  • Member of the Dutch Association of construction law lawyers;
  • Member of the Dutch Association for construction law;
  • Member of the Dutch Association for procurement law;
  • registered with the Federation of mediators of the Netherlands (formerly NMI).