Mr. E.A. (Henk) Brat

(Partner / Lawyer)

Henk Brat has very broad experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions in general and the healthcare sector in particular. For example, he has advised on the purchase and sale, the restructuring of, the collaboration with and the investment (participating interest) in healthcare institutions.

Henk has a pragmatic approach that is deal-oriented and constructive in nature. If necessary, he is a sharp negotiator on issues that are material to his client. He knows like no other what is important to a client and is aware of the various pitfalls that can befall healthcare-related deals. Examples are the value of a healthcare-purchase contract concluded with a healthcare insurer and the consequences that a physical check may have on the facilities. He enjoys working in close collaboration with fellow consultants who are involved in a merger or acquisition in order to achieve results fast. In addition to a variety of specialised education on mergers and acquisitions, Henk has also followed a number of specific training courses on legislation and regulations in the healthcare sector. This is a guarantee that the eventual purchase or sales documentation will be of sound quality.