We support our clients in respect of a wide range of topics and themes, which we often address in collaboration with our business partners.

  • Rationalisation, construction and the acquisition of real property (for healthcare purposes), including impairment problems and discussions with the College Sanering (the administrative body for rationalisation in the healthcare sector);
  • Corporate governance, drawing up compliance programs, support and training of supervisory bodies, development of internal guidelines;
  • Personnel and organisation (including employee participation of clients/patients and personnel);
  • Disputes between or within partnerships;
  • Budgeting and financing of healthcare (insured or uninsured);
  • Childcare, restructuring and governance problems;
  • Innovations in healthcare, including integrated healthcare and establishing new, independent treatment facilities;
  • Collaboration contracts, including assistance in merger negotiations and investments by private parties (financially and strategically);
  • Demerger of healthcare institutions;
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of restructuring plans for healthcare providers with financial difficulties due to the new healthcare system;
  • Operationalization of new legislation and regulations;
  • Issues with government supervisors, such as the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) and the Dutch Competition Authority (NMa);
  • Healthcare claims of patients (including those concerning the Dutch Act on Medical Treatment Contracts (WGBO))

In those areas, we

  • are the discussion partner for the Board of Management on strategic issues;
  • Your negotiator with insurers and healthcare agencies;
  • Your support when designing and implementing any restructuring that may be necessary;
  • Your partner in discussions with employee participation bodies;
  • Your process supervisor for financing, private equity investments, mergers, acquisitions and collaborations; and
  • The lawyer that you need when a problem cannot be resolved harmoniously.

Integral approach

The healthcare market nowadays requires a consultant to have knowledge of the new rules and practices, as well as adopt a proactive approach aimed at prevention. The various parties involved, such as healthcare institutions, medical specialists, suppliers of magazines and medical devices and patients look for opportunities. LEXSIGMA Healthcare matches that profile. LEXSIGMA proactively seeks to find them with you, but also warns of threats by way of prevention. Doing so, LEXISGMA has shown its strong commitment to clients time and again. Delivering added value is a central feature of our services.

Ideally, we become part of our client. Our involvement does not end when the workday or the weekend begins. Accordingly, we never charge additional fees or similar charges for services rendered by us outside the usual hours or days. LEXSIGMA Healthcare pursues an approach that can be summed up by the keywords speed, full knowledge of the facts and constructive thinking along with you.